Michelle Obama is one of my personal greatest inspirations. There are many things that one can learn from her, as she was the first lady for eight years and a Princeton graduate. She has proven to be a hard-working woman, by making creative ways to educate others on the issues of childhood obesity, the health of the United States, and much more. Michelle was told she was not the type of person that would be accepted in Princeton University, so she instead ignored that person and wrote an astounding admission essay, getting in anyway. She helped her husband, Barack Obama, president from January 20, 2009 – January 20, 2017 dutifully during his run, taking on many of their own projects to improve many aspects of the health of the people in America, which she very clearly asserted her opinion on when she largely altered the famous white house garden.

By largely altered, I mean she dug up the whole thing and replaced it with fruits and vegetables, once again, symbolically stating how important it was to her that the youth of the United States remain healthy and properly combat childhood obesity, something that makes sense seeing that the current rates of childhood obesity are 15.8%. Another project she launched to demote childhood obesity required that all school lunches be healthy and affordable, which she called the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. This was, however, discontinued by Sonny Perdue. While Obama spent time working on the health factors of America, she also paid attention to child trafficking and child marriage. She and Barack Obama went on to speak about this issue at as many live events as they could, and they did the same about almost any topic they found worthy to spread about. During his presidency, Barak Obama did many things to improve the United States, and Michelle matched them my finding her own projects to start up and did the best she could to improve the lives of the country she was serving in. That is why, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, is this months inspiration.

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Radha Godkar.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is one of my personal greatest inspirations.....

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