Radha Godkar (Founder)

Radha Godkar is the founder of KANYAA. She is a fun loving, teenager who lives with her parents in New Jersey, USA. Since her early childhood she has been inadvertently involved with multiple philanthropic activities with her parents both nationally and internationally. The years spent volunteering with her parents and grandparents at medical camps, hospitals, orphanages shaped her vision for creation of KANYAA a platform she seeks to utilize to make a difference with her baby steps and small hands but a huge heart. The principle of her mission is based on the famous Mahatma Gandhi Quote "An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words".

In her free time she loves to read about Greek Mythology and World History and listen to her favorite brand of music R &B and soul . She is also a competitive swimmer and a budding pianist enrolled in the Royal Conservatory of Music Program out of USA and Canada.


Bijal Dave (MD)

is a full time physician and a all time homemaker, wife and Mom. She has been a role model for her daughter Radha in initiating and launching KANYAA.


Darshan Godkar

is an Interventional Cardiologist  working out of Northern New Jersey. A lot of the work he has done locally in the USA and in his native India has shaped his daughter's vision for KANYAA.