Initiatives & Activities

While working with my parents on their projects in the USA and India (which is native to our family) I realized that although there was a disparity between the “ haves” and the “ have- not's” there was an even wider disparity between boys and girls in India. Every School/ Hospital / Orphanage I volunteered in India with my parents I saw a distinct disadvantage against girls, something I did not see as much in my home country the USA.

The ratio of girls to boys in India is lower than most of the developed world and a lot of this is by design rather than chance. A starker disparity is seen in schools ( specifically in rural areas) where boys far outnumber girls . I learnt that girls are frequently confined/ restricted to limited tasks like housekeeping and domestic upkeep. A lot of basic amenities like education / hygiene which I grew up with as a birthright was a privilege many girls were not privy to in the places I volunteered my time. So my mission was to reduce / eliminate this disparity to the best of my ability.